Sean Brown

Sean Brown

Sean Brown

Sean Brown is an award-winning filmmaker from New Jersey. Since he was a child he made

short films and animations with an old camera used by his parents during their wedding night.

His fascination with filmmaking propelled him into the industry. During his high school years, he

began to experiment with short films by making skits with his friends. He attended the School of

Visual Arts majoring in Directing and created his first few short films. Sean wanted to make

unique films that involved practical and special effects. To him most films being made by his

fellow students were too safe and boring. So he wanted to go outside the box and show them

that even with a small budget anything is possible.

One of his main inspirations was the documentary series “Walking with Dinosaurs”. Sean was

obsessed with the series as a child and that still hasn’t changed. He was interested in their

process and wanted to make similar works of art. Later in his career, he appreciated other works

such as “Warhammer” and “It's Such a Beautiful Day”. Sean is a freelance sound recordist and

editor, he enjoys working on sets and meeting new people. In his downtime, he likes to make

videos and plans on making at least one short film a year. Sean eventually wants to make a

documentary series about prehistoric life. For now, he is experimenting with a speculative

zoology project known as “The Seafood Planet”, an Instagram art page that documents alien

life. Later Sean will expand the project to include animations and eventually a book. He is also

working on his first animated narrative short. Sean has several other projects in the works but

he knows that it's one step at a time.

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