Ry Beezly

Ry Beezly

Ry Beezly

Ryan Civil is a Haitian American artist best known by his stage name Ry Beezly, but he also likes Beezly for short. He pursues Hip Hop and R&B music. 

He was born in Flatbush, Brooklyn but has spent time in Glen Burnie, Maryland to grab a new culture and bring it back home to Brooklyn. 

Ry Beezly has always made music on the side with childhood friends to pass time, but he’s decided to take his talents to the next level of professionalism. He’s taken pride in being part of the team known as Label Vision 2.0 and released visuals for "Drummer Boy", and "Classy Gangsta”. He released his debut EP titled "Resurgence" in December 2022. 

In 2023 Ry Beezly released visuals for Hood Rain, Bluetooth Freestyle, and Mr. Ry Rocker off of his new EP titled Midnighters which was released Aug 1st, 2023

He’s addicted to getting things done no matter what the task is. A funny fact about him is that people often say “He talks with his face a lot”, such as the same way people say they talk with their hands. 

Before performing and/or recording in the studio he clears his head and believes that Ry Beezly is a superhero, and his music are his powers. Before Ry Beezly was known for music, he was mainly a graphic artist and he still is. He specializes in custom sneakers, digital art, NFT’s, paintings on canvas, tattoos, & is looking into cutting hair. 

Ry Beezly wants to use his music for people to use as emotional support when going through their ups and downs in life to let them know that they are not alone, no matter how bad they think they are.

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