We Are Red Coral Universe

By Red-Coral-Universe, published on 08 Aug 2023

Hello Everyone,


Welcome to Red Coral Universe!! You’re probably wondering who we are and what we are about. As a company, we are many things. We are a finance and production company dedicated to working in the independent space and supporting artists big and small as they pursue their craft and create their passion projects. We are a free with ads streaming platform, available across the Web, Android, Apple IOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast TV and we will be launching on Apple TV,  and Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Hisense Smart TVs within the next couple of months. We are artists who built this platform for ourselves and our community to reach a global audience outside of the traditional streaming industry while still maintaining ownership over our creativity while monetizing our work fairly. But more importantly, we are not simply a company, but rather a philosophy in that we believe Artists and Technicians should come first or be at least treated fairly in monetizing their content. The people who create the most value in any system should be the people rewarded with the most equity. For us, the people who provide the most value are the Artists and Technicians who create the content that audiences adore and spend their priceless time watching. This is why we’ve built a platform in which our artists earn the majority of the ad revenue and retain ownership over all of their projects. And for our audience, you deserve to be able to support your favorite artists without having to sign-up for another subscription platform. It’s great news- the best way to support your favorite artists is now free!!


Unlike other platforms, we are not looking to tell artists what they can and cannot make or distribute. We host a variety of content from feature films, television, short films, podcasts, music videos, rap battles, filmed theatrical performances, and more. We want to offer our audiences a variety of content and allow our artists to create what they want, not what we think will sell. In the end, the audience will choose what is most appealing for them, we shouldn’t choose for you. We'd rather support artists in achieving their creative visions and allow a global audience to have their own opinions. In our opinion, this is the way ART SHOULD BE. Not an AI or algorithm deciding what should and should not be made due to a conglomeration of metadata and bullshit. Art is a human experience, let it be human. 


What separates us from our streaming competition is that we are not a tech company, we are an artist company. Our goal is not to create a jacked-up, rigged system designed to squeeze as much viewership and revenue out of every human on earth at all times. Our goal is to maximize the potential of every artist on the planet. Our belief is by focusing on maximizing the potential of all artists globally, we will create a better and more profitable artistic landscape for everyone. We intend to prove this belief.


Our philosophy is meant to include everyone, not just the biggest stars in the world. In all of our productions, we have created an equity and revenue pool for all actors and crew members, from the stars to the day players and from the writer/directors to the PA. Everyone gets a cut from every dollar of revenue in perpetuity. In every aspect, from production to distribution, we are committed to upholding our artist-first philosophy. 


We have big plans for this space but will take little steps at a time. We are thankful to everyone, both artist and consumer, who supports us along this journey. We are all in this together. In our model, every artist who performs well directly impacts and benefits all artists on the platform. We do not believe in pitting the creative community against each other for profit. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats and we are putting our belief to practice to prove we are correct. 


We will not change the world overnight, but we appreciate you taking this journey with us toward the path of artistic liberation. We want to create a new world for all content and its creators. A world free from endless sequels and IP money grabs and get back to the ideals of Charlie Chaplin the United Artists (whose work you can stream now on Red Coral Universe!!). 


When we unite the artist community and all work together, we will realize our power both culturally and financially and create a world of true independent art. That is our vision and that is our goal. We thank you for taking this journey with us, we can’t wait to show you what’s next!



The Red Coral Universe



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